Household (composite)

Composite gas bottles for use in the household

Liquefied petroleum gas is an effective source of energy for cooking, heating, and hot water. It is normally stored in steel tanks.

Composite pressure vessels offer decisive advantages here. They are explosion proof, free from corrosion and significantly lighter than steel. The fact that they are transparent also means that the fill level can be easily checked at any time.

Kautex Maschinenbau is a pioneer in the development of composite pressure vessels for the storage of liquefied petroleum gas. We were the first company globally to focus on the development of production systems for the manufacture of CPV. We have already completed innovative projects in conjunction with renowned customers.

We design high-quality composite gas bottles on your behalf and develop individual production systems. Realization of the extrusion blow molding solution right through to the testing equipment is all from one source. You can have confidence in our expertise and many years of experience at each stage of your project.

LPG Applications

As a user of composite gas bottles you benefit from considerable advantages in terms of safety and quality. The material of the LPG composite cylinders is completely corrosion free and resistant to UV radiation from the sun. It is resistant to rain, fluctuations in temperature and other external influences, and remains explosion proof even in the presence of naked flames and extreme heat. The vessels’ valves are solidly secured against impacts. The burst pressure of the pressure vessels is over 120 bar, even though the vessels are 50% lighter than traditional steel containers.

S.J. Taparia
Our long-term success is based on our uncompromising commitment to quality. We like to work with the leading suppliers in each product segment. So it stands to reason that we chose Kautex for our first project in blow molding technology.

S.J. Taparia

Supreme Industries Ltd.

Supreme Industries Ltd.


In addition to developing pressure vessels for braking systems, hybrid drive systems and tanks for natural gas-powered vehicles, we also develop composite pressure vessels for hydrogen.


We have a wealth of experience and the right technical equipment for the development of composite pressure vessels of different shapes and sizes. Please contact us if you are interested in new solutions!


From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.


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