Always 1K ahead with K-Vantage!

We want to be a pioneer in transition and in the creation of added value with smart production solutions. Our global development team has created a vision to help us achieve this: “Always 1K ahead”. K-Vantage is the range of services which support our customers and partners to achieve exactly that. Work in this area involves a particularly strong customer focus thanks to our technical centers in Germany and China.

Development of added value creating plastic products in the field of extrusion blow molding

We will help you during the product development and optimization processes, making full use of our many years of experience and expertise. Our customers and partners then benefit from our multi-faceted simulation solutions, which include melt and process simulations, blow and thermodynamic simulations, and also from structural FEAs.

You gain an edge thanks to competitive production costs as well as added value for your products in functional and other areas. Our focus on sustainability encourages us to push for weight reductions, the use of sustainable or recycled materials and the use of innovative process technologies in particular.

Product validation in technology centers

We can support you with rapid prototyping (by 3D printing for example), prototype tool designs, mold validation and technological tests to accelerate the validation of new or modified extrusion blow molding products. The laboratories of our technology centers also provide comprehensive testing and inspection facilities. The technology centers in Germany has also included a composite center since 2014. A wide range of equipment for the manufacture and inspection of composite pressure vessels is available here.

Taking on overall responsibility for smart production solutions

We join high-performing partners to develop production solutions which add value. The processes involved include value stream mapping, logic and collision simulations right through to thermodynamic or energetic system simulations. We are continuously optimizing a wide variety of interfaces during this process.

Taking responsibility for production solutions such as post-cooling stations, deflashing, weight control, leak testing, labeling, automatic assembly of components and pallet loading is a matter of course for us. Together with high-performing partners we take on overall responsibility for smart production solutions. We accomplish everything from one source, from the delivery of raw materials right through to palletizing of the finished products. This means that there are virtually no communication or frictional losses to contend with.

Product development support: Gain a competitive edge quickly and easily

Markets change at breakneck speed. Innovation cycles are becoming ever shorter and product portfolios are in a state of constant change. Securing your competitive advantage in this environment is our primary objective. We will help you to achieve this by providing support for the continuous development of processes and optimizing your products. With our support, your ideas will quickly become reality without any complications.

Our team of experts from a wide range of disciplines is ready to assist you. You will also benefit from our experience, which stretches back over 85 years. The advantage of this is twofold as we assist you with first-class production solutions, and also with the products produced on our systems.

Product simulation

New and ongoing developments require comprehensive practical tests. But testing on an actual machine is much too expensive. A qualified simulation is therefore the best starting point for new products and processes. We present the process and product characteristics realistically on the basis of 3D CAD data. This provides numerous possibilities for evaluation and establishes the potential for optimization.

Mold validation

The subsequent sampling is crucial for secure and economical article development. We quickly create samples for you on the basis of the production mold tool. They are identical to the end product both visually and haptically. In many cases we can manage this within 48 hours. Reliable functional tests under realistic conditions can be carried out at the same time.

Product optimization

There is nothing which cannot still be improved. Targeted optimization of the design of the Product on the basis of the latest findings and developments leads to decisive competitive advantages. Our customers really value our technological know-how and experience in achieving this. We have an in-depth knowledge of the whole spectrum of blow molding technology, the production process and a genuine understanding of the Product in question. This enables us to get the very best out of the production processes.

Facilities of the International Technology Center

The various Kautex Technology Center facilities provide Kautex Maschinenbau with international technical representation. Internal R&D activities or external services may be required. Our machines and systems are available for any kind of application.

We can provide material tests and sampling for our customers and partners on location at our sites in Germany and China. Direct exchange on site is important to us during development work with customers in particular. The services provided by the Technology Center and additional decentralized services make us quicker and more efficient. This makes it possible for us to respond to the specific regional features of the markets.


The Technology Center brings new ideas in the field of composites to life here. They may include a water filter or a hydrogen tank. The blow molding machines are of course also available for the manufacture of liners made of various materials and additives.


Our Technology Center laboratories also provide comprehensive testing and inspection facilities for your projects. These include topload tests, drop tests, evaluations of microtom sections, melt flow index measurements and much more.

Line Engineering

Designing a production line and having it made from one source has many advantages. We guarantee our customers and partners an individually tailored product with minimum production costs and the best possible level of availability.

In this way you avoid the problems associated with production lines made from the components of different manufacturers. Our processes are precisely coordinated. Our many years of practical experience and expertise enable us to offer the best and most efficient solution for almost every requirement.

Range of services

We take care of your production line so that you can concentrate on your customers. Our services include:

  • Consultation at your production location
  • Appreciation of the individual customer requirement
  • Explanation of interfaces
  • Simulation on the basis of dynamic 3D models
  • Calculation and optimization of cycle times
  • Reduction of non-productive times
  • Complete tailored lines for your production process
  • Support following installation and commissioning

Examples of solutions

We can provide complete pre-machining and post-processing systems for all machines on request. This also includes systems for automation of the production process. Our services:

  • Post-processing of flanges or sealing surfaces
  • Production lines including post cooling, deflashing, weight control, leak testing, labeling, automatic assembly of components and pallet loading – from the tool via the machine and all the way to packaging technology

What our customers say

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