Continuous extrusion blow molding

Continuous extrusion blow molding - the efficient process for multilayer packagings

Continuous extrusion is the standard process in the blow molding production of plastic packagings and containers up to a size of 1000 liters. For this technology, Kautex Maschinenbau System GmbH offers efficient and highly advanced die heads for numerous applications in the consumer, industrial, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors.

In this process, thermoplastics such as PVC, PE, PET, HDPE and PA are continuously molded to form a parison and blown up in a mold. Unlike intermittent extrusion, the parison formation is continuous here and it is not interrupted.

We have had a significant influence on continuous extrusion blow molding, we have perfected it, and we are a leading force in this technology. We offer our customers the latest extremely efficient extrusion heads, which can process up to seven plastic layers simultaneously. We do of course also optimize your machine for the processing of recycling plastics.

Our experts have many years of experience of the flow behavior of plastics combined with specific rheological expert knowledge. We develop our products and technologies with the latest simulation and production techniques on a permanent basis like no other supplier. This enables us to constantly offer you the most advanced products in all segments.


Intermittent extrusion blow molding is the efficient process for long and large hollow parts. We provide a broad range of highly efficient and extremely durable die heads for this purpose.


We produce tailor-made extrusion blow molding machines for which user-friendliness and reducing production costs are key aspects.


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