Composite Pressure Vessels

Thermoplastic composite pressure vessels are gaining in importance as storage or pressure vessels for gases and liquids. They consist of a thermoplastic liner, a boss part for connection of a valve and a fiber winding to achieve mechanical stability. Such composite pressure vessels are considerably lighter than traditional steel containers and absolutely corrosion free. They can also be manufactured cost-effectively.

Kautex Maschinenbau has been developing composite pressure vessels production solutions for different conceivable shapes and sizes for numerous applications since 1998. The spectrum ranges from hydrogen and CNG vessels via LPG bottles right through to compressed air vessels for truck braking systems and water filters. 

We support our customers throughout the complete planning and development phases of the product, from the initial idea right through to certification for serial production. We also assist with optimization of material costs.

Composite pressure vessel development

With us you get the development and production capability for different applications from one source, creating a sense of security. We will be with you all the way from simulation, through prototype production and certification, to serial production.

Liner and material development

Save time by taking advantage of the bundled material know-how of our experts and partners. Close cooperation with the leading global plastic manufacturers will give you a competitive edge. We will work together with you on the selection of the right materials.

Our own Technikum laboratories for prototype and small batch production

That adds value. Our customers benefit from our Technikum, an extremely well-equipped research center with countless machines for the manufacture of prototypes and small batches, as well as our test laboratory for material and functional inspections. This speeds up the development process for you.


Your added value for “smart” production solutions of hollow plastic products. With K Technology, Kautex customers achieve the perfect melt, the most homogeneous distribution, and seamless production sequences.

Technology Center

From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.

320-Liter Hydrogen Liner

Kautex Maschinenbau's blow molding experts have successfully produced a large-volume polyamide liner for hydrogen pressure vessels using extrusion blow molding. The liner is over two meters long, with a diameter of approximately 500 mm and a volume of 320 liters. This is the first time that a liner for a hydrogen container has been produced in this size by extrusion blow molding.

Reasons for Kautex



Common definition of the project goals: We can only be satisfied once you are.

Maximum performance

Maximum performance

Container development, simulation, prototyping and small batch production from one source

Highest quality

Highest quality

Highest quality, system availability and minimum unit costs

Extensive know-how

Extensive know-how

Kautex has over 20 years of experience with composite pressure vessels

Best service

Best service

Close to you wherever you are with quick availability of numerous parts


In addition to developing pressure vessels for braking systems, hybrid drive systems and tanks for natural gas-powered vehicles, we also develop composite pressure vessels for hydrogen.


We design high-quality composite gas bottles for you, and we develop individual production solutions - from the extrusion blow molding machine via the liner processing all the way to testing equipment.


We have a wealth of experience and the right technical equipment for the development of composite pressure vessels of different shapes and sizes. Please contact us if you are interested in new solutions!

KSB range

Kautex suction blow molding machines for mono and SeCo applications were developed for the production of 3D parts such as air ducts and different types of pipes.


From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.


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