Diverse Composite Applications

Diverse Composite Applications

Composite pressure vessels are not just proven for the supply of energy to households and drive train technologies in the automotive sector. Thermoplastic composite pressure vessels can be designed for applications in a huge range of environments. They are beneficial for water filters, containers for water heating, or mobile pipelines where large composite pressure vessels are used for supplying gas stations.

Please contact us if you are interested in new solutions! We have a wealth of experience and the right technical equipment. This makes us your ideal partner for the development of composite pressure vessels of different shapes and sizes for all kinds of uses. We can develop your product right through from the prototype stage to a complete production solutions.

Qiao Huoming
We need to improve the efficiency of our production lines while reducing operating costs. So Kautex’s advanced technology and services make it the ideal partner for us.

Qiao Huoming

Vice General Manager of Production Department,
Canature Environmental Products

Canature Environmental Products


In addition to developing pressure vessels for braking systems, hybrid drive systems and tanks for natural gas-powered vehicles, we also develop composite pressure vessels for hydrogen.


We design high-quality composite gas bottles for you, and we develop individual production solutions - from the extrusion blow molding machine via the liner processing all the way to testing equipment.


From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.


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