A history of providing our customers with innovative products and services have made Kautex into one of the world's leading companies in extrusion blow molding technology.
We have built our success on the courage, curiosity and passion for technology shown by founder Reinold Hagen and his brothers. During more than 20 years as a subsidiary of the Krupp group, we grew to become one of the world's leading mechanical engineering companies.

Today, our global patents are steadily accumulating, helping us to make a major contribution to the development of extrusion blow molding technology.

The combination of private ownership and a majority shareholding by Kautex management ensures that the company continues to maintain the dynamic character of a medium-sized enterprise with a high level of customer orientation. Every member of our staff is involved more than ever before in forging our company’s success. Individual knowledge and experience, the ability to work as a team and an unshakeable belief in their ability to find technical solutions are the foundations of our success today.

Our position as market leaders and our ability to develop innovative products and services is the direct result of our commitment to focusing on the specific needs of our customers. These needs drive us to continue optimizing our internal processes and procedures and trigger the development of new and better products and services. Our customers are our biggest source of inspiration. Every day, their challenges become our challenges and we work together for our mutual success.
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First decade


The first 10 years of the company's existence was a time of courage. The company's founder, Reinold Hagen, became a businessman at the relatively young age of 22 following the premature death of his father.


  • 1935 The Galvanische Werkstätten (Galvanic Workshops) are founded in Siegburg
  • 1936 20 staff are employed at the 2,400 sq m factory
  • 1944 220 staff are employed in plastics processing

Second decade


Experiments with thermoplastic materials lead to the idea of blow molding plastics in such a way that they retain their shape. The first blow molding machines are developed for series production.


  • 1945 The company is rebuilt in Hangelar near Bonn; commencement of machine manufacturing
  • 1947 Kautex employs 47 staff
  • Reinold's brothers, Norbert and Theo Hagen, join the company


  • 1949 Manufacture of the first machines for blow molding PVC tubes, and experiments with thermoplastic materials
  • 1954 Production of the Standard V8 blow molding machine for containers up to a capacity of 5 liters. The shuttle system on these machines continues to be used until the 1980s

Third decade


Kautex enters the international market. Its global expansion begins with the export of machinery to the USA.


  • 1955 First exports of blow molding machinery to the USA


  • 1963 Launch of the B series of machines at the plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf
  • 1963 Introduction of a high-performance machine with multiple parisons and blow molds
  • 1964 Launch of the “K inside a circle” logo

Fourth decade


Kautex sets the standards in machinery performance with breakthroughs such as the 5,000-liter tank and the introduction of international servicing.


  • 1972 The company becomes a limited liability company (GmbH)


  • 1968 Launch of the KEB series with fully-automated production of hollow bodies made from thermoplastic materials
  • 1972 Optimization of the KEB series: “single-cell” (KEB 1 and KEB 4) with improved Performance
  • 1972 Launch of the KB 250 at the plastics trade fair in Paris

Fifth decade


The machinery division goes its own way: Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH is established as a spin-off of the main Kautex company and is taken over by Fried. Krupp GmbH.


  • 1977 Taken over by Krupp


  • Kautex blow molding machines become a key element of VW's production lines in Wolfsburg

Sixth decade


Mechanical engineering becomes digitized and paves the way to optimizing control and monitoring processes.


  • 1986-1988 Construction of new manufacturing and administration buildings
  • 1989 The company employs 500 staff
  • Expansion of the after-sales service


  • 1992 Launch of the KBS series

Seventh decade


This decade sees a boom in demand for machinery for producing plastic fuel tanks. Kautex continues to thrive despite a series of takeovers and a merger.


  • 1995 Founding of Shunde Krupp Chen Plastics Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
  • 2000 Sale to SIG Holding AG of Switzerland and change of company name to SIG Blowtec GmbH
  • 2000 The company achieves a global production capacity of 30 million fuel tanks per year.
  • 2002 Change of company name to SIG Kautex GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2003 The company sets up another subsidiary in Italy (Olgiate Olona) and concentrates on technical customer service
  • 2004 Transfer of shares to ADCURAM Beteiligungs AG and change of name to Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH
  • 2004 Krupp Chen changes its name to Shunde Kautex Plastics Technology Co. Ltd.


  • 1995 Expansion of the KBS 1 series for blow-molded containers up to a capacity of 35 liters
  • 1995 Expansion of the KBS 2 series for the full blow-molded range of containers up to a capacity of 1000 liters
  • 1995 Presentation of the company's first one-step injection stretch blow molding machine “Ecomax” to meet the specific needs of PET technology in the packaging industry
  • 1996 Production of the KCC 1 in China
  • 1997 Presentation of the CP 120 at the NPE trade fair in Chicago
  • 1999 Introduction of the KBS 3 for 3D parts (later known as the K3D HP)
  • 1999 Production of the KCM 1 in China as a simpler version of the KCC for Chinese customers

Eighth decade

2005 until 2014

The self-discovery phase has paid off: Kautex focuses on its goals and takes the lead in the global blow molding industry.


  • 2005 Dr Olaf Weiland and Andreas Lichtenauer become the managing directors of the company
  • 2005 Shunde Kautex (China) becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kautex
  • 2005 Kautex hosts an in-house trade fair after a long interval
  • 2006 Refurbishment and expansion of the Kautex Technikum
  • 2007 First management buyout enables 5 Kautex managers to purchase shares in the company Majority shareholder ADCURAM is replaced by Steadfast Capital (Frankfurt/Main)
  • Introduction of process organization system
  • 2010 Kautex takes over the international sales and marketing of Rikutec machinery (multilayer accumulator heads)
  • 2011 Sales and service office opens in Moscow, Russia
  • 2012 Construction and modernization of the new Technikum in Bonn
  • 2013 Second management buyout results in management having a majority shareholding. Steadfast replaced as principal shareholder by Capiton AG (Berlin)
  • 2013 Staff are able to buy shares in the company for the first time
  • 2013 New factory opens in Shunde, China
  • 2013 Sales and service office opens in Bangalore, India
  • 2015 Nearly 6,000 Kautex machines in operation around the world


  • 2013 Introduction of the all-electric KBB series at the international plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf

Ninth decade

2015 until today

The new decade has just started and the company presents divers new machine series.


  • 2015 The company celebrates 80th anniversary of the brand Kautex
  • 2015 Nearly 6,000 Kautex machines in operation around the world
  • 2018 Plastech Beteiligungs GmbH becomes the new majority shareholder with a 74.9 percent stake
  • 2020 The company celebrates 85th anniversary of the brand Kautex


  • 2015 Introduction of the KSH series
  • 2016 Presentation of the third generation KCC series during the Chinaplas exhibition in Shanghai
  • 2016 Introduction of the KSB series for suction blow molded 3D parts
  • 2016 Extension of the KBB series with jerry can versions and Intelligate-Modules
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