• Company

    When it comes to innovative extrusion blow molding, you need look no further than Kautex Maschinenbau. Our pioneering technologies and services… more

  • Why choose Kautex?

    Whether in the automotive sector, technical components, or industrial and consumer packaging... more

  • Technikum

    There are a great many stages involved in developing a product from the first flash of inspiration to the start of production, and the road is… more

  • History

    A history of providing our customers with innovative products and services have made Kautex into one of the world's leading companies in extrusion… more

  • Richard Hendrickson

    One of the reasons we have been successful in our latest expansion project has been due to Kautex’s expertise and knowledge in large part blow… more

  • Dave Schoeneck

    Kautex provides progressive engineering and technological advancements that set new standards for the blow molding packaging industry. more

  • Richard Clack

    For 40 years we have set benchmarks with the precision and repeatability of machines and equipment supplied by Kautex. more

  • Dick Smith

    Cutting-edge technology is essential if you want to survive in this business. As the world’s leading supplier of extrusion blow molding machinery,… more

  • KSB Machines

    The KSB series is a completely new generation of suction blow molding machines developed for mono and SeCo applications. Depending on requirements, KSB machines are available as either single or double station machines. Thanks to its specialized machine concept,… more

  • KBB Machines

    The all-electric KBB series sets new packaging standards not just in terms of the economy but also in terms of the operating convenience.
    During the development of the pioneering machine concept ... more

  • KCC Machines (MK3)

    The name KCC stands for consistent ongoing development of a successful machine type. The allrounders from the KCC series offer a broad spectrum of capabilities, not just for packaging but also for automotive and special applications. Currently more than 300 machines… more

  • KBS Machines

    Our all-rounder with endless possibilities. Whether fuel tanks in a range of sizes, or complex or symmetrical containers, the KBS series comes with high output rates and features modularity so that it can be tailored to your individual requirements ... more

  • K3D Machines

    Our multitalented machine for straight and curved 3D parts boasts exceptional output rates, systematically saves on energy and resources, and is perfectly suited to the mass production of low-emissions products of all sizes. And you can always rely on first-class… more

  • KSH Machines

    The KSH series is a generation of extrusion blow molding machines for single and multi-layer applications. The machines are available in single-station and double-station configurations as required. KSH machines have been developed as compact and efficient blow… more

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